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How to Set Up Amazon SES for Stemsend

By David on January 31, 2021

When setting up your instance of Stemsend you’ll want to select an email service provider to deliver the emails you send. Our suggestion is Amazon Simple Email Service for this task, as it’s cost-effective and has great delivery rates. This article will explain the steps needed to set up your Amazon SES account for Stemsend. […]

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Advantages of Automating Your Marketing

By David on November 23, 2019

According to research done by the Annuitas Group, businesses who use marketing automation to nurture leads experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. Why should you automate your marketing? It works. The Statistics Without getting too far into business theory, the numbers tell a plain story–marketing automation is highly effective. Here are some interesting facts: […]

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Automating in Stemsend: The Campaign Builder

By David on November 19, 2019

The campaign builder is where you’ll be setting up your automated sequences in Stemsend. Campaigns are central to creating a quality automated experience for users and an effective one for your marketing purposes. You’ll typically be sending a marketing message in response to an action taken by your user, or predefined time interval. The purpose […]

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